Bride of Christ or Prostitute? 2001 version


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This is the original version of this piece that I wrote and published on my website around 2001 and was also published in my column Grace Under Fire in the Lakeside News in the Cedar Creek Lake area in Texas. My views have since developed through both studying the Word and through life experiences. Look for the upcoming revised version.

There’s one on most every corner in this area. Two or three on some corners. She sells her body for money and she is often diseased. Is it a church or a prostitute? Is there even a difference?

Do you put a high price on the people who come into your church? What does it cost someone who wants to be a member? Are the people in your church clean-cut, well dressed, good mannered, holy saint of God or are they stinky, hung-over, begging, no good, thieving, doped up lounge lizards?

Think about it, which describes your church? More importantly, which type of people do you want in your church? What’s the image you want your church to put out? I personally prefer to have the latter. Not that there’s anything wrong with the former. I just strongly believe that when we do what Jesus told us to do in Mark 15:15-18, that we will have the less desirable people in our churches. When we line up and follow His word completely, He will make them the person He want them to be.

Jesussaid go into all the world. So, are we supposed to go over to the neighborhood with the nice houses and well-kept lawns? Yes, we are. We are also supposed to go into the ghetto’s, the bars, and under the bridges where the homeless live. I can tell you right now, that the churches of this area are not lining up with the Word of God. The Bible is not to be just set up on the shelf Monday through Saturday and taken to church on Sunday morning withmamma wearing her pretty dress. The Bible says that man shall live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.

I personally live in the ghettos of Cedar Creek Lake and I have for nearly eight years. Out of those eight years, there has been one person knock on my door for the sole purpose of inviting me to church. One. Out of hundreds of churches  in this area.

Every bar on this lake should have at least two peoplefromchurch in them every Friday night. Not to drink, but to show the love of Christ and invite them to a place where there is hope. If we would do this, our churches would beover flowing onto the streets on every Sunday Morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night and any other time the church doors are open. People would be so hungry for the word, that there would be a continuous on-going revival at every church.

As long as there are unsaved people in this area, there is work to be done. Stop complaining about how hot it is, how tired you are, how bad the mosquitoes are biting etc…Did Jesus complain when H was being beaten or when He was carrying your cross, or when they drove nails through His hands and feet? No, He did it with a willing heart because that is what His Father sent Him to do

How much is your salvation worth? Christ gave His life for His bride, and He is coming back for her and He expects her to be without spot or wrinkle.

What will you do the next time you go to church and some smelly old man with dirty clothes, reeking of alcohol sits down on the pew next to you? Will you get up and move somewhere else and go talk to your friends about how bad he smells? Or will you welcome him with open arms and show him the love of Christ? What about when you see the local hooker at Wal-Mart will you look at her with disgust and thank God that you are not like her or will you smile kindly and invite her to church? If you’ve done it to the least of these, you’ve done it to Jesus Himself


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