No Place I’d Rather Be

Close your eyes. Take a deep relaxing breath. Exhale. Think of the most wonderful and peaceful place that you have ever been. Maybe on top of Pikes Peak, or on a quiet beach in the Caribbean. Just stay there for a few minutes and bask in the serenity. Imagery is a very positive tool to use at the end of a long day at work or when you are getting ready to go to sleep.

When I was in high school, my theatre teacher would have us do relaxation exercises once a month. She would take us onto the stage or in the band hall and have us all lay down on the floor and turn off all the lights. She would walk us through deep breathing until we were all in a very relaxed state, then she would start giving us ideas of imagery in order to take us to another world. We would be floating weightless on clouds through the most beautiful scenery without a care in the world. It was the closest to heaven I have ever been while on this earth. When our class was over, we were so relaxed and at the same time rejuvenated. The rest of the day we were able to focus on our tasks and let the worries of life not affect us.

Several years ago I was in a pain management clinic and the therapist would have us go through the same type of relaxation exercises once per week. It really stuck with me that no matter what I am going through, I can escape this life for a little while in order to regain strength and carry on. Some may call it hypnosis, but in neither case were thoughts fed to us to make us change anything. It was just the deepest and most refreshing type of relaxation.

The storms of life can be harsh. My own experiences is that I don’t just have rainy days. I have monsoon seasons. During those times when it seems like nothing is going right, I have a place I go to hide. I curl up at the feet of my Daddy. Not my earthly daddy, but my heavenly Daddy.

Think about the person that you love more than life itself, maybe your spouse or significant other. Have you ever just cuddled on the couch with nothing going on in the background other than maybe soft music and just enjoyed being in his presence? Take a deep breath and inhale his scent. Lay your head on his chest and hear his heartbeat. You feel safe in his arms. Nothing else in the world matters but this moment and the love and affection you feel. Scientist say that this is very healing.

Would you believe that you can have that same kind of relationship with God? People have a hard time understanding this concept because you can’t see or touch him. But you are a person who lives in a body that is also made up of a spirit and a soul. There is more to you than just your five senses. There is a sixth sense that needs to be free to feel alive. This is the part of you that no man can touch and it’s a void that can only be filled by our Daddy.

So, when the storms of life rage, I go to that place. I turn on worship music and put my earbuds in. I block out the natural world and my soul starts to sing. I get lost in His presence. I feel more love than I have ever known.  Even though in my life I may be going through hell on earth, I always know that there is a place I can go that peace passes my natural understanding, where I can relax and refocus and wait upon the Lord and I know that my strength is being renewed. I listen to Him while I am in this place. He speaks to me with a still small voice. I may not always get answers, but I know that everything is going to be alright.

The hardest part about being in His presence is when it comes a time that I have to leave. I wish I could just live there every hour of every day, but I can’t. Just as you have to eventually stop the intimate cuddling with your partner and get on with life, it’s the same in this situation as well. But you always know that you will have time to go back to that place.

There is a difference between going to church and having a relationship with God. The church is where you have a relationship with other like-minded people, but a relationship with God is very private and intimate and it feels like home. There is no place I’d rather be than in the presence of my Daddy.

I encourage every person who ever reads this to find that place.



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